Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Top 5

My top 5 favorite movies are a mix of action, drama and sci-fi. Throw in a little comedy and you have a winning recipe.

#5 The Shawshank Redemption
When I watch this movie I almost always get sick to my stomach at the injustice done to Andy Dufresne. From the start of his stay at Shawshank, the delousing powder, the "girls", solitary etc just make feel claustrophobic, smothered. I ache for that guy. Throughout, there are small victories for Andy, which provide me some release. But none is so sweet as the plot he laid to get out. Brilliantly narrrated by Morgan Freeman. A real rollercoaster.

#4 The Usual Suspects
I don't believe I've ever been so hoodwinked. I was terrified by Kaiser Sose. Roger "Verbal" Kint was played brilliantly by Kevin Spacey. (Don't believe me, ask the academy.) Not unlike Shawshank, there was a deep satisfaction as the story unfolded at the end. So, so satisfying.

#3 Forrest Gump
This is just a great show. So quotable. "I know what love is Jenny." "You got new legs Lieutenant Dan." "I must of had me sixteen Dr. Peppers." "I was RUNNING!" Classic, classic, classic. I think the great lesson to be learned from this show is what we all can accomplish if we get our minds out of the way, put our heads down and go all out. Tom Hanks' defining moment.

#2 The Dark Knight
If there is a show that is awesomer than this one, I have not seen it. Action-check. Explosions-check. Great acting-double check. A really good script-check. Me peeing my pants in anticipation of the next scene-check. That sweet mother motorcycle-check. Super glad I saw it on opening night with by boys-a triple check.

#1 Lord of the Rings Trilogy
There is truly not a close second to this series. Not even remotely close. It is all encompassing sweet, sweet awesomeness. From the very beginning I am riveted. It is the greatest good versus evil story ever told. I can still feel the weight of the one ring hung from Frodo's neck. I was terrified at the journey. Bless you JRR and Jackson. Bless you!


ibid said...

I am amazed at your choices: there isn't a comedy among them.

LotR will always have you and Dan tied intrinsically in with the fondness I have for that trilogy. Those movies are at the top of my list as well.

and TDK...that night was gold.

good post.

dagus1976 said...

Thanks darren.

Comedies are rarely good unless watched with friends. (Sadly) But these movies are almost better watched alone, which gives the movies themselves an intrinsic value greater than my favorite comedies.